Welcome!  My name is Amanda and I currently live in Arlington, Virgina just outside of Washington, DC. Presidents Dinner IUGA I moved here almost 2 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Winter is still a new concept for me.

I have a regular “9 to 5-er” in DC but in my spare time I’ve found myself drawn to find a more balanced life.  Instead of work occupying 90% of my existence I’ve begun revolting and leaning in to my creative side (that I had sadly been ignoring) to find fun stress-relieving activities.  This has led to me to explore yoga, learn how to meditate, create collages and vision boards, DIY items (as a solution to my champagne taste/beer budget syndrome), finding new natural beauty routines, and cooking healthy (sometimes gluten free) meals.

I will document my adventures here.  I hope you follow along.  Suggestions are welcome!




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